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HaZeyHosting comes with Some of the most Affordable Hosting Pricing on the Market!

We Have A Variety Of Server Hosting Options, Game Servers - VPS Hosting - Discord Bot Hosting - Voice Server Hosting - Web Hosting

Game Hosting
server with game controller
From $4.99 / month
  • Fastest Gaming CPU - Ryzen 9
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • 3600MT/s Memory
  • Blazing Fast NVMe Storage
  • Custom Backend Game Panel
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Web Hosting
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From $0.99 / month
  • NVMe storage & Weekly Backup
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Anti-DDoS & Real-time Protections
  • Softaculous
  • Premium Site Builder
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Discord Bot Hosting
server with discord logo
From $0.99 / month
  • Up To x5 Free BackUps
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • Nodejs, Python, TeamSpeak, Mumble
  • Blazing Fast NVMe Storage
  • Custom Backend Control Panel
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Our mission & Why To Choose HaZeyHosting?

Offering a comprehensive suite of hosting services, we facilitate the seamless deployment of (VPS) Virtual Private Server's, Gaming Server's, Discord Bot Server's, Website Server's, Voice Server's. All tailored for your purposes. Augmenting this hosting experience, our intuitively designed VPS Panels ensure user-friendliness and efficient management. In addition, our bespoke Discord bot and Voice Server Managers further elevate the operational ease, providing a bespoke touch to your server administration. Our dedicated 24/7 support stands as a testament to our commitment to your server's optimal performance and your peace of mind.

Our array of advanced Game Server Management features includes streamlined functionalities like One-Click Mods and Mod Packs Installers, as well as Java and Bedrock Versions Changers, along with Plugin Installers meticulously designed for an assortment of game servers, encompassing popular titles such as Minecraft Java or Bedrock, Rust, Garrys Mod, Team Fortress 2, FiveM, Insurgency, Counter Strike Global Offensive, ARK Survival Evolved, and numerous others.

Imagine the boundless possibilities as you harness the power to fashion and deploy your very own game or VPS servers within seconds. Experience the convenience of server management at your fingertips, where the complexities fade away, leaving you free to indulge in the art of creation and gameplay.

Ryzen & Xeon CPU's

Harness the full potential of our Game hosting plans with Unmetered Ryzen Cores and VPS Servers With Dedicated Ryzen & Xeon Cores, delivering unmatched Performance, Scalability, Customization to power all your online needs.

Speed & Global Low-Latency

Experience high speeds and ultra-low network latency across the world, thanks to our strategically located UK London and US New York Server location's, Ensuring a flawless connection for your hosting needs.

We own our hardware

All of our UK & US hardware is owned and managed by HaZeyHosting. We cut out the middle man so we can pass the savings directly to you! This allows us to offer you the best and lowist pricing on the Market on all of our plans.

Regular Updates & Support

We pride our selfs on providing you with some of the best 24/7 support and with new updates and imporvments been our priority we wont stop on are mission. Providing you with a Unbeatable Hosting experience.